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Planning a Trip to Vegas

When planning the families next vacation, consider Las Vegas. Those who say they don’t gamble and Vegas wouldn’t be for them might want to reconsider. There are plenty of things to do besides gamble. It is easy to spend a full day just visiting the different hotels and admiring them from inside and out. Here are some other things to consider.

The Shows

Las Vegas is considered “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. There are concerts, headliners, shows and sporting events all of the time here. The las vegas events calendar will allow those planning their trip to find the exact performance they want to take in. https://www.vegastickets.com/

Roller Coasters

Some of the largest and best rides in the world are in Las Vegas. At one time, the Stratosphere had the highest roller coaster on Earth. When jumping off of the Stratosphere, spin and dangle over the edge or drop 160 feet in 2 seconds. Then, at the New York New York check out the Canyon Blaster. This is an indoor double loop, double corkscrew coaster. These are two things that families will certainly want to check out.

Night Life

Las Vegas is all about the nightlife. Everything comes to life once the sun sets. Some find that they enjoy resting during the day and spending their time out at night. There are nightclubs, rooftop bars and all types of entertainment.

Entertainment on the Streets

There are dancers, guys dressed as superheroes, performers, and magicians to be seen when out on the street. Then, there are the fountains at Bellagio that go with lights and music. The volcano at the Mirage Hotel is a must see too. It erupts every hour in the evenings. Fire will spew and smoke goes into the sky.

Excellent Food

There are some excellent food options in Las Vegas. There are places for fine dining and then many hotels offer great options too. There are some buffets that visitors will not want to miss out on. There is truly something for everyone when it comes time to dine.

To get more information or to start planning a trip, check out the Upcoming calendar of events for Las Vegas. https://www.vegastickets.com/ The offices are easy to get to, just off of the famous stip. There will always be a large selection of concerts, shows or gaming events to choose from. Once there if nothing jumps out or if there are questions, the representatives will be happy to help. 
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